Restart System


PowerOff  v.0.1

PowerOff is a Java based Windows program to shutdown the system.

Sofonica Shutdown Timer  v.1.0

Free Shutdown timer is the software which can automate Shutdown,restart,log off,lock,Hibernate and Standby operations.


AMP WinOFF Portable  v.5.0.1

AMP WinOFF is an utility designed to schedule the shut down of Windows computers, with several shut down modes and fully configurable.

Restarter Portable  v.2.0

Restarter portable is an application that automatically monitor and restarts crashed or hung programs and applications.

TimeComX 64-bit  v.

TimeComX 64bit is a small and portable award winning automation utility, that can execute various actions after specified time or by a lower deviation of network and processor usage activity.

Portable Quick Config  v.

The Portable Quick Config application was developed to be a convenient tool aimed to change quickly various settings of your computer.

PowerClick  v.1.2

PowerClick is small utility that provide you with fast access to, all commonly used, power managment features available in Windows.

Quick Config  v.

Quick Config is a handy tool aimed to change quickly various settings of your computer. For those users who traveling with laptop across an working places, home and office and want to be able to change network connection settings, set default printer

My System Tray Icon

Power Monitor Off , Restart Computer , Log Off , Shut Down , Increase/Decrease Volume, Mute/Un-Mute , Run Program/Open File , Toggle Use Proxy by defining Hot Key for each/any one of them. All the features can be accesses using Right Click on System Tray

Paragon System Backup  v.2010 RC

Paragon System Backup is designed to provide simple and automatic entire system & data backup. All you need to do. Simple and complete backup.

SIW (System Info)  v.2012.03.26

SIW is a System Information tool that gathers detailed information about your system properties and settings. A utility that includes detailed specs for Motherboard, BIOS, CPU, Devices, Memory, Video, Drives, Ports, Printers.

Ultimate System Control  v.1.0

Ultimate System Control is a simple tool to shutdown, restart,

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